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This Edition Of Beginner Bikes Magazine
December 2004
Customarily Minded: Don't Forget Your Roots
Customarily Minded: Don't Forget Your Roots
by Richard Rose
I must be suffering from heat stroke, every chime I write comes up as a rhyme, either that or I'm a poet and don't even know it! Okay, rest assured I won't give up my day job and try my hand as a hip-hop artist. Instead, let me wipe my brow and fasten my DOT approved dunce cap on and take a look at a topic some folks easily forget, namely what it was like to be a beginning biker. Click here to read more...
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Our needs from now until the end of the year, including hosting costs, office supplies, patches, legal expenses, long distance phone service and wages total $6,106.00 and apart from the small amount that we receive from our Affiliate Partner programs and merchandise sales, we rely solely on the help of our community to meet these expenses. Please click here today for a number of donation options, and do what you can to help spread the Beginner Bikes Magazine word.

Tip Of The Week
Friday December 10, 2004 13:30

Among many other recent additions to Beginner Bikes Magazine, we're happy to announce our new "Tip Of The Week" section!

Tip Of The Week Dealing with a dead battery on the road can be frustrating. It is always a good idea to keep a set of motorcycle jumper cables when traveling far from home. If all else fails, try push starting the bike or have it towed to the nearest service station.

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In the pages of Beginner Bikes you'll find bike tests and articles written with the new and returning motorcyclist in mind. We know you don't need a top speed of 185 mph. We know you don't want a bike that requires as many hours in the shop as on the road.  We'll help you find the most enjoyable, safest ride out there. Beginner bikes are a blast to ride, and not only for beginners. With their comfort, reliability, and high fun-factor, many experienced riders prefer them to more intimidating and temperamental machines.

Finding the right motorcycle for you is, of course, an essential ingredient in the recipe for enjoying the ride. But this task can prove surprisingly difficult. We've known many motorcyclists who have lost a sizable amount of money trading in bikes that were poor choices for them in the first place. Usually, new riders make the mistake of buying more motorcycle than they can handle--often as a result of a persuasive salesperson or magazine article. It's important to understand that--despite what some salespersons or magazines might say or imply--you'll have the most fun, and the most confident, comfortable and safest ride, on a bike built with the needs of beginners in mind. You can always move up to a larger, more powerful bike.

Enough editorializing--where are the bikes?

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